Thursday, July 15, 2010

Counting down, scrambling, probably not going to make our planned departure date, but I painted -- plein air on Tuesday morning -- studio on Wednesday morning. I might be able to use the plein air start and finish in the studio. It's not bad. The studio painting is coming along but not close enough to finish before we leave. It will have to wait for fall. I'm taking two big totes, in addition to my camera bag.

Not sure where all this stuff will stow on board, but stuff always seems to get put away somewhere. (Maybe this is a bit more than usual... I plan to draw and paint the summer away -- in addition to reading the half dozen or more books I've tucked in.

Reminder to myself -- colors for "On the Road" painting -- n.gamboge, thio violet, prussian, cobalt, ultra. blue (center jacket) with aliz., left jacket aliz. top & brown madder below. Fields have n. gamboge, br. madder, cobalt, prussian. Biker shirt n.gam., br. madder, w cobalt glaze.

I hate to leave a work in progress before it is close to finished. Let's see if I can upload the current status.

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