Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cool Cargo -- Spanish Wells

 Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas -- 1975 -- Workers unload cargo from the romantic workboats in the cool of the evening. A late afternoon shower left the dock area wet with puddles.  The framed painting is from the collection of Kurt Handschumacher. Prints available (6x8.5" image on 8.5x11" watercolor paper) - $25


 In June 2011, this was one of about 20 paintings in my solo show at the Davis Gallery in Orange, CT. The Davis Gallery is a new venture, opened in 2009 by Jennifer Duff and her dad, Ronald Davis. This intimate showing space was carved out of some extra floor area at Ron Davis' Video Lab and has been fitted out with first class lighting, so that every painting gets shown at its best. They focus on Connecticut artists and hang about 8 or 10 shows each year. Their recently enlarged "Past Presented" section, gives artists who show with them an extended stay and an ongoing opportunity to show and sell their works. I'll be posting more of my paintings from the Davis Gallery show. If you're in the neighborhood, drop in and check out my selection of framed and matted original paintings, plus an assortment of prints and cards.


Much time has passed since I posted. It's been a busy spring and summer, with plenty of showing, some selling, some sailing, a hurricane, a knee injury and surgical repair, and regular painting each week, outside with one group and in studio with another. I've been coordinating the activities of my plein air group, which now has nearly 70 members. But we paint usually in a floating group of 8 to 18 in the summer -- 2 to 10 in the fall and spring.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fog Break

Another one of last summer's plein air paintings. This was a day when we had not anticipated the huge spring tide. The water kept coming up until it covered the entrance road and threatened to flood our cars. People kept moving their cars to get them out of the salt water. Finally you had to either drive through pretty deep water to get out or just huddle on a small island of high ground and hope that things would turn around soon. Someday I'll paint from the photos I shot of people sitting on their tailgates painting as if nothing were wrong.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Painting Water

Painting Water
Watercolor on 300 lb Arches -- 12"x16"

I've been using winter studio time to finish some of my plein air paintings from last summer. Sometimes I manage to stop before going too far...